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Our story

Hello! We are Adelė and Donatas - the co-founders of this wonderful project! This project is our biggest dream come true. It's not just a place to stay, it's an experience - we invite you to enter it with an open heart! In short, we'll tell you how it all started...

As much as we strive for our goals - to keep balance we should give yourselves some quality rest

The story began back in 2021. Both burned out from work and the intense rhythm of life, we went on a creative vacation. We settled in a homestead in the forests of Dzūkija - without obvious amenities - water supply or heating. Only electricity, shoulders and a nearby river. And there was a lot of charm in that - such simple household solutions as heating water or chopping firewood - ground us to the ground, brought us back to our inner balance. The mind rested because it was focused on the simple household.

Our society has a culture of doing - what to do to be efficient, how to achieve as much as possible. Everything is wonderful, but sometimes we forget that as much as we strive for our goals, the same attention should be paid to rest. Relax, take time for yourself, recharge your energy resource. And in this wonderful process of realizing dreams, how valuable it is to stop sometimes - to calm the mind, just be with yourself and nature.

This is how our first tipi was born - and we ourselves did not expect that we would receive so much support! We realized that people need such places - where they can be in peace, listen to the sounds of nature and just relax. Also, these days we are looking for unique experiences, adventure - something that gives us new emotions and deeper understanding of life. We are looking for something that will brighten up our routine.

Today, the project has grown up, matured and has its own audience. Here you can even choose from several places to stay - and all of them are created based on our core values. Privacy, commitment and love for nature. We hope that when you come here you will feel at least a fraction of the energy we put into this project - born from the heart!

Our cabins

Yurt Moon
Yurt Sun