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Breathwork (rebirthing) is an American form of prana yoga, it can also be called deep circulation breathing, spiritual breathing or intuitive breathing. It is a psychophysical experience where inhalation and exhalation are combined and the sensation of vibration is activated in the body. The vibrations move energy that flows through the nervous and circulatory systems, clearing mental impurities, tension and waste from the body and mind. As the vibrations subside, inner peace comes.


The session is lead based on coaching principles.

Duration - up to 1.5 hours.

Price - from €60 2 person



Let's release the emotional build-up

During breathwork (deep conscious breathing), we awaken prana (vital energy), which helps release accumulated emotions, stress, and physical tension.


All kinds of physical benefits

Most of us breathe shallowly. During the session, we learn the principles of correct breathing. After the session, the physical body is saturated with oxygen, we exercise the diaphragm, and we feel more alive.


Inner balance and peace

During breathing, energy reaches even those places where energy cannot reach with simple daily shallow breathing. We awaken those parts of the subconscious that have been forgotten. Therefore, the connection between the conscious and the subconscious is thus improved. We release wisdom from darkness. After the session, inner peace, intuitive knowledge comes flooding in.


Possible sensations

Where life energy begins to flow after a long time, unpleasant sensations are possible: coldness, cramps, tetany (stiffness of superficial muscles) - the sensations disappear after relaxation. We can control this by breathing.

Suppressed emotions and memories may surface - the subconscious mind is sending what we need to pay attention to.

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