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Yurt Sun

Cozy yurt / forest cabin surrounded by forests. Relax watching the dance of birches and ferns, enjoy the coziness of a wool-warmed yurt. Like a cocoon!

all the year round

Main information

Arrival from 3:00 p.m., departure until 12:00 p.m.​


Inside you will find a mini-kitchen - there is a gas stove, all the necessary utensils for cooking, and a washroom (see photos).

Next to the yurt you will find a composting outdoor toilet, and in the common area by the pond - a hot outdoor shower (in summer)


For outdoor cooking - we provide a Hoefats barbecue, grill, skewers


You will find a stove inside - so you can stay all year round

We have created a book library exclusively for our guests

Here you will find bed linen, mini towels

You will find meditation cushions in the cabin - we invite you to spend time just being there

You will also find a fireplace nearby for cozy evenings

Please coordinate additional services in advance

Space map.


Forest Road

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