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Cocoa ceremony

Cacao dates back to Mayan times. It was believed to be the drink of the Gods. We are glad that we can still enjoy this plant today - not only for its amazing physical properties, but also for its energetic properties.

During the ceremony, we taste cacao, introduce the participants to this plant and embark on a deeply relaxing meditation.

Duration - up to 1.5 hours.

Price - from €60 2 person


Helps to immerse yourself in the inner world

It is said to be a drink of the heart and inner intuition. Cocoa affects the energy center of our heart - it helps us connect with our inner world, feel communion with those around us and find answers to our questions.


High quality ceremonial cocoa

We taste the highest quality cocoa, which is hand-crafted on ethical farms and comes to us through a very short supply chain. It is different from the usual cocoa we know. It contains a full composition created by nature - cocoa butter and cocoa fibers. It is also full of substances useful for us (magnesium, iron, Omega-3, Omega-6, etc.), which positively affect our physical and mental activities.


Relaxing meditation

Susipažinus ir paragavus kakavos, leidžiamės į gilią atpalaiduojančią meditaciją. Pasitelkdami kvėpavimo pratimus, paleidžiame emocinę sankaupą ir panyrame į gilią meditacinę būseną. Po praktikos jaučiamas gilaus poilsio efektas.

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